Lawmakers Seek to Give Electricity Consumers More Power

HARTFORD — Mounting complaints about power companies have led to a proposal that would enable you to tell from your electric bill if you could lower your rate.

And if you could, new rules would let you switch power suppliers in two days, rather than the up to two months it takes now.

Electric Utility Company Plans Polar Vortex Surcharge

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Residents of Rockford and 97 other municipalities in northern Illinois will be charged extra on their electric bills to cover unexpected costs incurred during the polar vortex by their supplier, FirstEnergy Solutions.

Increasing amount US Energy Production comes from Renewable Sources

According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), An increasing amount of the US Energy production comes from Renewable Sources. A recent research study concluded the following analysis.

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Can Electric Current Make People Better at Math?

Can electric make you better at math


In a lab in Oxford University's experimental psychology department, researcher Roi Cohen Kadosh is testing an intriguing treatment: He is sending low-dose electric current through the brains of adults and children as young as 8 to make them better at math.


Common Symptoms your Home may be in need of an Electrical Checkup

At Deep Electric we recommend always having a professional attempt Electrical repairs to your property. In the lifetime of every home, issues and cause for repairs are inevitable. While not everything electric require a professional e.g; changing out light bulbs, if and when uncertain always keep safety and property damage prevention in mind.

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