Eliminate Downtime Due to Power Outage

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, months later New york electrical contractors continued response and recovery. Sandy's Impact cost the largest and Second largest U.S public-transit services, MTA/NYCT: $5 billion & NJ Transit: $400 million in damage and lost of revenue. This Recent event proved that the entire eastern us coastline, not just the lower south-eastern states suffer hurricane type natural disasters.

Modern Businesses are extremely reliant on electricity, Installing an Emergency backup system or standby generator is your solution to temporary inconvenience. These systems are often energy efficient, can be automated and more affordable than ever. They can often pay for themselves in a single power outage, "48 hours can be the difference between a profitable and unprofitable business."

Significant events like hurricanes, floods and even human related incidents can cause facilities to experience enormous loss of production and revenue. Is there an Emergency Contingency Plan in place at your Organisation, Business or facility? Is it critical that computer servers remain in permanent operation? While utility authorities deploy emergency response technicians at first notice of power outage, priority and accessibility could delay your recovery. A long-term disruption could Jeopardize business.

Generator manufacturers have revolutionized the emergency backup market with standby systems powerful enough to back your entire business and at Deep Electric we can help you select the right size generator and design a custom backup system which matches your utility voltage.

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