Add Unique style to simple spaces using Pendent lighting

Pendant lights are the latest trend in kitchen lighting and provide, efficient task lights for illuminating food preparation or dining on your kitchen island, as well as a relatively inexpensive way to create a tone— be-it modern, retro or glam. Pendent lighting accomplish just about any look you're striving for while providing even and functional light distribution. While clean and classic (i.e. "Transitional") is a solid choice for any space, Pendants are also available in incredibly ornate styles. Deep Electric offers expert advice in lighting and experience to Customize placement with your pendant lighting installation and help you create the perfect lighting Atmosphere.

Some of the newest trends in Pendant designs:

  • Art glass mini pendants. Bright pops of color add dimension and interest to contemporary spaces. Colorful art glass mini pendants work particularly well as the main focal point in a minimalist kitchen design.
  • Metallic mini pendants. Metallics are a big lighting trend, particularly in pendant design. Polished nickel or silver mini pendants work well with stainless steel appliances, helping to achieve a seamless and coordinated look. For a truly modern statement, choose a metallic mini pendant with a metallic shade, too.
  • Staggered Mini Pendants. A stylish alternative to the chandelier or kitchen island light, today's mini pendant "sets" offer the trendy look of a mini pendant series in one convenient package. Stagger them at different heights for a truly progressive look.

For best pendant lighting installation results get advice from an experienced electrical expert to design and Customize the best layout and price. Also never neglect the need to have your electrical accessories installed by a qualified electrician.

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