Electrical Receptacle Outlets and GFCI

Duplex Receptacle Outlets

Despite how simple replacing a receptacle outlet or switch may seem, incorrect connections can cause a host of issues including bodily harm and in worst cases lost of property or death. Knowing the polarity of the electrical leads are very important, when the electrical device's power plug or receptacle outlet are wired in the wrong methods sparks, shorts and damage occur in the electrical circuit causing failure to electric components, equipment and circuit system. What was reason for the outlet circuit becoming faulty? Is the receptacle outlet burnt out? Was the circuit overloaded?

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The Ground plug terminal plays a vital role in the stability of the wired circuit and should never be broken off. In older homes where-ever standard two prong wall receptacles outlet are encountered, Deep Electric recommends having any and all replaced with properly grounded wall receptacle outlets. Never alter an electrical plug to fit an outdated electric receptacle and always install safety covers in unused electrical receptacle outlets to protect young children.

Adding a new Receptacle Outlet or Switch?

Often times adding a new receptacle outlet to a finished home present a challenge to even the seasoned Electrical service repairman. Deep Electric Service install and repair technicians have the experience and necessary skill to install new Receptacle Outlets, switches, and wiring in place without having to damage existing walls, floors and ceiling finishes.

Deep Electric is dedicated in taking care of entire home, building or property electrical wiring needs through installations, repairs, replacement etc. We can relocate devices including duplex and single receptacle outlets, quad outlets, range and oven receptacle outlets, dryer receptacle outlets, Commercial outlets, (GFCI) outlets. We replace old electrical receptacle outlets with modern type devices which accept three pronged polarized electrical plugs.

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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

Since the 1970s Ground Fault Interrupters (GFCI) have saved thousands of lives and helped cut the number of Home Electrocutions by half. Without a GFCI in place a person who becomes part of a path for leakage current can be severely shocked or electrocuted.

What is a Ground Fault Interrupter? (GFCI)

GFCI devices are electrical safety devices designed trip or short off electrical circuits when they detect ground faults or leakage currents. These receptacle devices prevent deadly shock by quickly shutting off power to a circuit if the electricity flowing through differs by even a slight amount from the returning electric current flow.

A GFCI device should be used in any indoor or outdoor area where water may come into contact with electrical devices. The 2011 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) currently requires that GFCI outlet devices be used in most areas of the home including all kitchens, bathrooms, garages, outdoors and necessary parts of the building.

Deep Electric recommends testing Ground Fault Interrupters (GFCI) in regular intervals to ensure shock protection. Newer GFCIs feature a front facing pilot light for malfunctioned or faulty indication. In the case of a bad receptacle (GFCI) consult an Electrical Service Repair Technician.

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