Electrical Safety Inspections

At Deep Electric we provide thorough Electrical Safety Inspections, we thoroughly test the entire Electrical System in your home to insure all your Electrical devices and circuitry are up to the National Electrical Code (N.E.C) Standards. If we find any current malfunction, Faulty Electrical Circuits or devices not up to code we can service and upgrade the device while at your home. We will review your Electrical Service Panel to check for proper Electrical Connections and terminations or Electrical Code Violations.

Our professional electricians will provide your home with a complete electrical safety inspection to ensure that all of your electrical systems are not only operational but up to N.E.C standard. Deep Electric can give you peace of mind helping protecting your home and family from Electrical danger.

Here are some of the items that can be serviced on the day of your Electrical Inspection:

  • Check carbon monoxide or smoke alarm, smoke detector performance.
  • Check interconnection function of smoke alarm, smoke detector (if applicable).
  • Check carbon monoxide and smoke alarm, smoke detector (s) function and operation.
  • Check and compare electric panel amperage rating to actual house electric amperage.
  • Check main electric meter connection and electrical grounding system.
  • Check operation of G.F.C.I. receptacle outlet circuits (up to 4 outlets or circuits total).
  • Replace 9-volt carbon monoxide or smoke detector batteries (up to 6 batteries total).
  • Check electric fuse panel(s) for burned electrical conductors or lose electrical connections.
  • Check electrical circuit breaker panel (s) for burned electric conductors or lose electric connections.
  • Check electric amperage and electric circuit breaker size (check if correction is needed).

Visual Outside and inside 240 volts circuits for damage or code violations

  • Check electric dryer circuit.
  • Check electric heater circuit (if accessible).
  • Check electric range circuit.
  • Check electric water heater circuit.
  • Check bath room electric heater circuit (if accessible).
  • Check A/C electric compressor circuit.

Outside and inside 120 volts and 240 volts circuits visual for damage

  • Check electrical meter system.
  • Check electrical disconnects.
  • Check electrical receptacle outlets.
  • Check electrical junction boxes.
  • Check light fixture outlets.

Inside loose electrical connections to 120 volts or 240 volts circuits visual for electrical damage

  • Visual electric inspection of attic electrical wiring (if accessible).
  • Check dish washer electrial circuit.
  • Check disposal electrical circuit.
  • Check food compactor electrical circuit (if accessible).
  • Check electric cook top or electric oven circuit (if accessible).
  • Check bath room fan vent electrical circuit.
  • Check bath room vanity light fixture electrical circuit.
  • Check microwave electrical circuit (if accessible).
  • Check Range hood electrical circuit (if accessible).
  • Check attic light fixture at attic access hole (if applicable).

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