Energy Efficient Bulbs and Dimmers

Want to Create the ideal Ambiance and save energy In 2 Simple Steps?

  • Installing a Dimmer is the most effective way to quickly change the mood of a room. A softer light results in a more comforting relaxing atmosphere, Brighter lighting is more suitable for normal room use and reading. An easy way to control your lighting is to install a dimmer switch. Dimmers also reduce energy consumption by cycling light and increasing bulb life. Most dimmers cycle the light on and off 120 times per second – faster than your eye can detect. The longer the light is ON versus OFF, the brighter the light output. Likewise, the longer the light is OFF versus ON, the lower the light output and the greater the energy savings. An added bonus is the incredible increase in bulb life from operating at a lower light output (filament temperature). Dimming the light by just 10 percent more than doubles the bulb life.

Energy Efficient Bulbs and Dimmers


Dimmer switches come in four popular styles: dial, slide, touch pad, and combination light switch/dimmer slide. Since dimmer switches come in different shapes and each operates a little differently, you should always Consult a Qualified Technician.

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  • Replacing regular incandescent and halogen bulbs for Compact Flourescent (CFL) and LED bulbs is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. An average household may dedicate 5-10 percent or more of its energy budget to lighting. Using new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in your home by 50-75 percent! Using tube fluorescent and energy efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in fixtures throughout your home provides high quality and high efficiency lighting. Fluorescent lamps are much more efficient than incandescent (standard) bulbs and last about 4-10 times longer. Today's CFLs offer brightness and color rendition that is comparable to incandescent lights. Although fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps cost a bit more than incandescent bulbs, they pay for themselves by saving energy over their lifetime. CFL fixtures are now available that feature dimmers and operate much like incandescent fixtures.

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