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Need an electrician today? Deep Electric can replace or upgrade your Federal Pacific Electric panels to new modern type service electrical panels or load centers. Your Federal Pacific Electric panels may not perform safe electrical functions in time which is a fire hazard and may potentially result in causing electric fires. Replace your Federal Pacific electric panel boxes and circuit breakers, (FPE) Zinsco electric panel boxes and circuit breakers  which can lower the risk of electrical fire and possible potential insurance drop out, premium increase or rejection for coverage protection of your home, business office or other property, facility.

If a Federal Pacific Electric panel or zinsco electric panel has been in your home for 15 years or more and have not been serviced by a licensed electrician, the breakers may be fully depreciated. It is possible that the breakers would not properly trip and protect an electrical system from overheating resault in causing failure to the electric system or even electrical fire.

Experts also report that Federal Pacific Electric panels may be unfit for homes because of manufacturing defects. The materials used to construct the breakers may be weak. As a result, the breakers may not short off or trip, the panel could be susceptible to catching on fire. We can provide all your electrician services needs for lighting or electric.

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